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I will never leave you (Jag skall aldrig lämna dig)

Tillkomstår: 2013
Språk: Engelska
Översättning: Ja
Längd: Helafton
Anna Freud (1895-1982) was Sigmund Freud's youngest daughter and one of the founding figures of child psychoanalysis. "I Will Never Leave You" is about the relationships that mattered to her most: the relationship with her father and with her lifelong partner Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham, as well as the relationship she had with herself. The play paints a picture of her life but also asks questions about the nature of the things that we call life and self.

"I Will Never Leave You" is a play about gender, sexuality, female masculinity and asceticism, about whether there is a bottom line or a core to being, and if so what does it consist of. It's a play about the self and its relation to time, place, language and the other, and about a fundamental experience of being but a guest in this world.

The play also looks at family archetypes and allows the spectator to reflect on his or her own family background and psychological foundations through it.

Writer's note:
Although it's a historical and biographical piece, it's also contemporary. Aesthetically it mixes the dramatic form with influences from essay, poetry and documentary and thematically the motives of detachment, exclusion, persecution, feminine identity and different forms of family formations are as acute now as ever.

The English translation is by Hannah Gullichsen. A shortened version of the play is available in Swedish and one can upon request be made in English as well.
Antal roller:
min. 5
max. 13
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