Till början

The Last Cigar (Den sista cigarren, engelska)

Genrer: Drama, Komedi
Tillkomstår: 2004
Språk: Engelska
Översättning: Ja
Längd: Helafton
Detta manus är en översättning till engelska av Bengt Ahlfors pjäs Den sista cigarren. Översättning av Alan Goodson, 2004.
It is the morning of the 31st of May, the last day of school. RAGNAR is
standing at an open window, smoking a cigar, blowing the smoke out the
window and enjoying the springtime sun. In the distance one can hear a
school band playing The Graduation Song from Edward Elgar's "Pomp and
RAGNAR (to the audience). The last day of school! This day always
fills me with such a wonderful sense of freedom. When I hear the band
playing across the street, when I see the kids running off to their
summer vacation, I just . . . well, I just become a nice person. I wish all
good things for the world and don't want to do anyone any harm. Ah!
ANNELI (off). Ragnar!
(He quickly snubs out his cigar and puts it in a small metal box, which he
hides in the bookcase. ANNELI enters from RAGNAR's bedroom, pointing a
revolver in front of her.)
ANNELI. Can you explain to me why . . . (She sniffs the air, dropping
her hand to her side and forgetting about the revolver.) Have you been
smoking? Again!
RAGNAR. Smoking? Me? Absolutely not!
ANNELI. You know it'll kill you, Ragnar.
RAGNAR. I stopped smoking, you know that.
ANNELI. And you weren't smoking right here in this room just half a
minute ago?
ANNELI. And then, on top of that, you try to lie to my face! You
smoke in secret like a seven-year-old and lie like a five-year-old. You
really are becoming a child again. If you don't believe me, at least listen
to Dr. Brun. She called when you were in the bathroom. You should call
her back.
Antal roller:
min. 4
max. 4
Kvinnor 2, Män 2

RAGNAR, a retired school principal, early 70's.
ANNELI, his wife, a former librarian, early 70's.
LARS, a pastor, widowed, early 70's.
MONIKA, Lars' daughter, a photographer, around 35.
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